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Fånglägerhelvetet Dragsvik – massdöden i Ekenäs 1918

Fånglägerhelvetet Dragsvik – massdöden i Ekenäs 1918

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Author: Sture Lindholm

Pages: 288 pages
Binding type: Hardcover book
Year of publication: 2017

After the civil war, around 10,000 red prisoners were placed in the former Russian barracks outside Ekenäs. In just a couple of months, more than 3,000 of them died, Finnish men in their prime. The prison camp tragedy resulted in Finland's largest mass grave and gave rise to an international scandal.


Sture Lindholm describes this surprisingly unknown and hushed-up humanitarian disaster in the long-awaited and requested book Fånglägerhelvetet Dragsvik. The book tells about how the prison camp in the former Russian military base was created, about the horrific everyday life in the camp in completely inhumane conditions during the summer of 1918, and how everything culminated in a mass death of an unprecedented scale in Finland.

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