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Publish a book – self-publishing

To publish your own book is not as complicated as it sounds, however 9 out of 10 book manuscripts are turned down by traditional publishers. Then you can always self-publish your book.

To self-publish means that you as the author take the economic risk and pay for the publishing, however all of the profit would go straight to the author without any middle hands. We at Leo Litteratur don't require a binding book contract – you stay in control and keep the profit.


Furthermore, we have no special demands regarding the quality of the book or what genre. We proofread the text, but the author has sole responsibility for the contents that is published. Self-publishing keeps the same standard regarding quality and design as traditional publishing, all according to the customer's wishes and budget.

Leo Litteratur will help you with your book all the way from your desktop to the bookshelf. The price depends on what services are needed, the length of the book and if the writer wishes it to be printed. All of this can be discussed online or at a free consultation in either Turku or Tammisaari. You can email your scripts to

Did you know that we can now also sell books that we have collaborated with in our online shop? We also promote the books on our social media.

Services in self-publishing

  1. ​Consultation - first hour free!

  2. Digitalization of handwritten texts

  3. Proofreading

  4. Image processing

  5. Layout

  6. ISBN-number

  7. Cover design

  8. Printing

  9. Marketing

  10. Distribution & sales

Leo Litteratur can help you with all of these services or a selection of them.

Do you have your own illustrations?

We can scan and edit them

Earlier projects

Example of books that we have helped produce. Some of them you can find in our online shop!

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