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Gränsland – Finland mellan öst och väst

Gränsland – Finland mellan öst och väst

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Author: Sture Lindholm

Pages: 230 pages

Release year: 2023

Binding type: hardbound and softbound


Gränsland provides an overview of Finland's history and social development over the past two centuries for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of how we got to where we are today. The book is prepared according to the new Finnish upper secondary school curriculum 2021, and is intended to be used as well as a course book in the compulsory study section on the history of Finland as an in-depth book for the high school students preparing for the subject real exam in history. But Gränsland offers a useful overview for anyone who wants to revise and deepen their knowledge of Finnish history. The book is written for a Finnish-Swedish readership, which is also visible in the rich image material - with more than 250 photos - and in some in-depth boxes on topics with special Finnish-Swedish relevance.

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